The Boiler IVD



WATERHEATER of ISTO company is a water storage device with electric heating with cpecial coating made of high-temperature glass-titan enamel 350 micron thickness, which is deposited by liquid method with 850 degrees roasting.

Internal tank of electric ISTO waterheaters is made of Austrian special low-alloyed steel, thickness 1.8 mm.

INOX Dry flange is made of stainless steel and fastened to boiler’s tank by 6 bolts through elastic gasket, fully excluding leakage in joint.
Innovational technology of INOX Dry flange is in tubes of thermostat and heating elements – they are made of stainless steel without additional enamel coating, and it positively influences on heat exchange. It allows to increase efficiency of dry heater and approximate its efficiency to wet heating element (as wet heating element adjoins to water, its efficiency is higher, then efficiency of dry heating element) and guarantees highest exploitation features.

Reliable electric part, Thermowatt - Italy, which conforms European requirements of quality.

Integrated magnesium anode (minimal service period of anode is 2 years).

Operation modes control is realized by of internal thermoregulator.
Remote thermal indicator. Operation mode indication.

Operating pressure is 0,6MPa (testing - 1,6).

Moisture protection class IP24.

All components of waterheater are produced in European Union.
Assemblage of tank is realized in accordance with all existing regulations of European Union.

Full warranty for all parts of ISTO waterheater is 1 year.
Warranty for internal tank of ISTO waterheater is 7 yeaars!

termocontroller type
Tank capacity,
Power, Watt Tank warranty, years Dimensions, mm Heat insulation,
Weight, kg
IVD504512/1h 50 1200 5 532 х 445 х 465 25 17
IVD804515/1h 80 1500 5 775 х 445 х 465 25 23
IVD1004515/1h 100 1500 5 953 х 445 х 465 25 27